Our four-year-old grandson does his part to herd the cattle down the road by waving his cap in order to encourage them along. His dad takes a bit more active approach as he runs along behind the critters!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fixing Fence

It began innocently enough. While out doing chores this morning I mentioned that I sure could use more exercise. Farmer John looked over and said, "How about right now?"

I was suspicious. "No heavy lifting."

"Not at all," he assured me. "Just a nice walk up to the wheat field to fix some fence."

I brightened. I had my brand new leather gloves in my farm bag and dug them out, adjusted my stocking hat, and said, "OK!"

John pulled into a hay meadow and said, "Let's go."

I looked around.  "Let's go where?" 

"Follow me!" And off he went. 

We went through brush, over a creek, over two fences, and up a mud-slicked hill.  And did I mention that the creek had water in it?  Running water?  I was whapped in the face with sunflower stalks and had my courage tested as I tiptoed over wet and muddy rocks at the creek. 

All in all it was a fine adventure.  I took a lot of photos and felt like an intrepid explorer.  We gained the top of the hill and there was a stiff breeze blowing. I was too warm from exertion and chilly at the same time. 

I spied the Bobcat sitting next to the fence that needed repairing.  The photos below tell the rest of the story. 

Farmer John fixing fence.

Farmer Linda fixing fence. 

OK, I did roll up some barbed wire and did a few other mildly helpful things. But this made a good story, and I'm all about making a good story! 

I loved this day tromping over hill and dale (and through the creek) back on the farm.


  1. Well the mud on the bottom of your boots looked like you helped a little, lol. The Bobcat makes a nice sunny spot to take a nap.


  2. Hahaha, oh this made me laugh!! Thank you for that!! I love it! You're definitely an adventurer, not sure if I would have been as brave as you! I love the spot you found for yourself! And I love your good stories! :)