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Friday, January 13, 2012

Bookwork and a Bouquet

I have not been out on the farm for a week-and-a-half. I have been spending my time doing end of year records the old fashioned way; with a #2 pencil in a ledger book. Next year I'll probably put the farm records on computer, but I have to admit there is a kind of satisfaction to be had in putting pencil to paper--all those neat little rows of numbers and notations--never thought I'd say this about bookwork, but I'm kind of enjoying it.  
Farmer John prefers this old fashioned method, but we both are a bit sheepish about it and know we need to go ahead and proceed into the 21st century. But even as I shop for farm record software I am pretty certain John will continue to use the ledger book he's utilized for years.  This is probably a somewhat belated end of an era though; no matter how nifty the old fashioned way feels, you can't beat having 40 numbers added for you automatically at the click of a mouse. 

The weather has been amazingly clear and beautiful--springlike temperatures in the afternoons but with that gorgeous, winter-clear sky.  I couldn't stand being inside a moment more today and went tromping through the "woods" across from our house. I climbed the dam to the rock quarry lake atop the hill and startled about 500 Canadian geese, who took to the air with a great flapping and honking.  The lake is down and I walked out to the edge of the water and stood among hundreds of water lily stalks that looked strangely skeletal and barren. But gathered into a bouquet and photographed against that blue sky they were beautiful.  
winter bouquet
The flock of geese circled around and, discussing me loudly with loud cries and honks, flew right overhead. They didn't like the looks of me and kept right on going, but behind them came an eagle; majestic wings spread wide, riding the air currents, scanning the ground for any rodents the geese might have startled with their racket I suppose.  He circled overhead, apparently sizing me up but not finding me to his liking.  I watched him until he banked and flew off to the west and out of sight.  

My afternoon walk was almost as satisfying as going out with Farmer John to do chores, but not quite.  Next week I hope to be back on the farm. 

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