Our four-year-old grandson does his part to herd the cattle down the road by waving his cap in order to encourage them along. His dad takes a bit more active approach as he runs along behind the critters!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Feel So Accepted!

A week ago John and I attended the weekly cattle auction. It was a cold day, and the sale barn was warm; and I admit I was about to fall asleep when suddenly I realized John had just bought three 500 pound critters. I sat up straight and paid closer attention, and was more alert a few moments later when he bought 16 more.

We had to wait in the office at the sale barn for nearly 30 minutes for the paperwork to be completed. I made friends with the Australian cattle dog that was sleeping on the floor of the office, quite a friendly girl.

When the clerk brought up our paperwork she apologized for the wait and gave John a brand spanking new farm cap that said, "Eat Beef" in red letters against a blue background. I was standing a few feet behind John wearing a Carhartt jacket, my Ariat boots, and worn jeans. She turned to me and said, "Would you like a cap?"

"Why yes, I would," I said.

I am very proud of that cap.  That lady is a veteran at the sale barn and obviously knows a real farm woman when she sees one. :)


  1. Congratulations on "earning" a cap of your very own. Guess John went to the sale prepared with a big truck and trailer to bring that many critters home.

  2. Well, we had an adequate truck and an old trailer as shown in the September 13th post on this blog (the trilobyte). Here is the url for that post--you'll probably have to cut and paste it into your browser bar. http://heopensanother.blogspot.com/2011/09/long-way-from-heart.html

    Thanks for stopping by--I'm headed over to your blog right now. God bless!

  3. Love this post! Fun times, no wait...MORE fun times in store for you two! :) And of course she knows a real farm woman when she sees one, you've got the part down pat now! You are Farmer John's wife! :)

  4. How great to feel accepted, isn't it? I still feel a little out of place tromping around in all my 'farming' gear, but eh, who cares!